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We are able to repair most snapback snaps on the spot form our store in Camden or you can send your cap to us and we can send the cap back to you repaired. We can replace the plastic snap adjustors with new ones as we stock most colours, you can also mix colours like Red/Blue so you don’t have to stick to one colour.

We can also replace the button on top of the crown if this becomes damaged or discoloured.If you want a different strap style we can add a leather strap with metal buckle Or a fabric strap which is common on dad style baseball caps.

Our repairs are normally done on the spot and take no longer than 10 minutes to do depending on what you want. We are up for new ideas and methods or if you want something different please let us know and we will do our best to give you what you want. Our price for this service is £7 per cap.We also repair damaged crown buttons which can also be replaced with a different colour.We are able to offer otherrepair services such as: Sewing badges and emblems.